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Where is bodog?Apparently The bodog .com site has been shut down from a license case with Bodog’s software imposing on US and International patents held by 1st Technology LLC. Bodog is reported to have to pay possibly 49 Million in damages and may not even get the name back. Obviously there will be more news following this as Bodog always seems to make some news, although this one is not looking real good for both the operation and affiliates as apparently all linking code will no longer work unless affiliates change the links to newbodog.

Here is a quote taken from the –

Why the

Welcome to the new (temporary) Bodog. As you may know by now, is experiencing a technical issue impacting our players’ ability to access our website.

This is the result of a legal dispute over the ownership of the domain name. We are fighting this dispute. We are confident that we will win, but until all is settled, I do not want our battle to interrupt your play.

So, I present you with You won’t notice very many changes: same website, same brand, same product, and same service. Just a new domain name.

We are working to resolve any remaining issues on the temporary site as soon as possible, and fully expect to have our original site back up shortly.

I sincerely apologize if you were affected by our interruption and assure you that I will update you soon.


Calvin Ayre