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UIGEA Status

So we have to ask what is the status of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act thrown on the port security bill in 2006? Well we have to say nothing really. Barney frank is of course still pushing to remove it and go to a regulatory role with online gambling, but it doesn’t have the backing required yet.Â

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Online casino guides

Well we have been on a break for a while but with all the gambling news its time to get rolling again! How many people have tries their hand at online gambling? It sure seems to be a very large number as its reported to be over a 12 BILLION dollar a year enterprise. I have checked out quite a few online casinos and of course guides. One you need to see is (Allfreechips Casino Guide) . Not only can you get reviews from the staff there they also allow user reviews. I find this great as users usually will give you real world results.

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Ohio’s Issue 6 – Allowing gambling in the Bible Belt?

Well after years of failed gambling voting in Ohio Issue six this November is the newest to surface. Issue 6 run by a small time group of Indian Casino promoters is attempting to slip one in there. They have many loopholes in the proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that will allow real casino based gambling once and for all. They state Millions will go directly to each county of the state evenly and everyone will be happy keeping Ohio’s dollars inside the state but what they do not tell you is this is not forever. A major loophole in issue 6 is that it states, all casinos in Ohio will have to pay the exact same tax rate. Does not sound to bad as millions are supposed to flow from just the first casino right? Looking further, if these boys bring an Indian based casino into Ohio later the effective tax rate for all casinos will be 0 (ZERO) (NOTHING)!! as you can not tax a Native American or a business (Casino) run by them. At least the government did something right for these folks that took care of our land before we stepped in.Â

So, as much as I want a casino or two in Ohio, I will be voting NO on issue 6 as I firmly believe a casino will be great for the state, but it must be done correctly or its just a giant vacuum for Ohio’s cash.

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Submit a question about gambling on the Debate tonight!

Well we still have a chance to get our question onto the the debate for tonight, I urege you all to write a question to get the stance on Internet freedoms, Blocking URL’s and stance on the UIGEA NOW — m hurry up

Use the link to submit your question.

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Kentucky on the move – Doyle’s Room falls and others

It is simply amazing. Amazing that the freedoms of the world and the people of the United States have to be sold off to land based casinos and the horse racing monopoly of Kentucky. Where is the freedom of choice? When it comes to cash the United States only sees one thing. If you make money we get a piece, if you spend money we better be getting a piece. With the 700 (850) Billion dollar tax bail out for Wall Street and the censorship of the Internet I hope and pray the American public wakes up before we are all standing in line for food and health care. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

 Others handed over form Go Daddy registrar are Cake Poker, and Ultimate Bet Poker along with of course Doyle’s Room.

 If anyone has a domain registered with Go Daddy I suggest moving it ASAP.

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Kentucky scores another domain commy take over

What is the world is going on when a hick state can grab a business domain name? Well I for one think this will open a floodgate of issues like we have never seen in the Internet marketing side. Whats next after casinos?

 The domain is the latest domain turned over to these idiots, although it still works you can see the whois is going to the commonwealth of Kentucky. I am simply amazed.

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Litigation floodgates for the .com industry in hand

Well today is the day that Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky will get his answer from the judge as he attempts to obtain the ownership of 141 more Online Gambling domain names to The Commonwealth of Kentucky to “protect the people of Kentucky” . Well he also stated that he really wants to protect the Horse racing industry of Kentucky as well as the land based casinos and lottery mainly but he is also concerned about the people I guess?Â

The historic presence of this case is huge, if he succeeds where does it go next? If he is permitted to get the 141 names (he already has obtained 2 that were no longer in use but on his list) where does it end? The domain names in question are form licensed operators in different countries, with domain registration legally obtained outside of the United States. This sounds so amazingly impossible that I feel stupid writing this article but this is happening, happening TODAY, NOW.. well you get the idea.

If this case is not thrown out of court and laughed at by the presiding justice what is next? Will all adult sites be taken over by a state or church that claims the content is not suitable for people or children in their district? What about the businesses destroyed by taking away the number one identifier? Are all news sites next if they report a story that makes the public obtain an opinion that others do not want?

 Its bad enough we are loosing ground to China in many aspects, but we do not need to become China. This is an attempt at censorship, plain and simple but I bet the complacent public of the United States will just utter the old “well that’s too bad but I am not effected” quote we are all accustomed to at this point.

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Communists hit Kentucky – Web sensorship

In a move that is absolutely astonishing, Gov. Steve Beshear in a means to protect the horse racing and lottery monopoly, along with the commonwealth of Kentucky has taken over the ownership of an online gambling web site stating they are breaking the laws of 50 states by offering online gambling. Not only is Online Gambling not breaking any state laws unless your in the repressed state of Washington, seizing domain names to sensor the Internet is pure Communism. I hope this causes such a backlash in Kentucky this jackass never sees another day of legislation and turns into a jobless lowlife he is.

Now you say you never heard of the site in question, but that was one of 150 domain names they want to seize including bodoglife, allslots and others all having a major stake in online gambling world wide. If the US is permitted to take control of these domains and sensor the American people on how they are to live their lives then I say its past due for a revolution our founding fathers would be proud of.

Here is a list image of the domains to be attacked.

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US bail out plan, could the death of the UIGEA be involved?

Well this is a personal opinion but Barney Frank has some serious pull all of a sudden. As the house financial leader he is now looking straight into the bail out plan for wall-street valued at 700 Billion, OMG that’s a big number and that includes MY tax money as well as all other Americans. I hate to bail out any corporation or greedy ass wallstreet folks but the economy needs fixed or we all go broke I guess.

Getting back to the point, with barney frank presiding over this bill, how hard would it be to slip in an end to the UIGEA as its another must pass bill. You know my stance on “slipping” something onto a bill but this would be a double negative making a real positive no? With Frank’s attempts at passing a bill to eradicate the UIGEA as its a complete joke and Bordon on the banking industry, it seems almost for sure he will add text to regulate gaming online or at least wipe out this stupid addition to the port security act.

 All we can do is hope something decent comes of this fiasco, maybe a moment of silence or a few thousand emails to Frank to let him know this is a good idea!Â

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EU Gambling partners to wage war

Finally the EU is growing a set and will challenge the US, the DOJ and WTO in the banning of online gambling in the free trade agreements set way back when. The organization of European gambling partners is looking at the same terms Antigua used in filing a WTO suite. Claiming unfair practice and unlawful extradition of EU citizens accused of breaking a non existent law. The UIGEA is a law yes, but it has no definable terms such as “What in the hell is illegal online gambling” as the law states its illegal, but does not state what it is. I hope the US gets beat up over this and looses in WTO sanctions so the people of this country will wake the hell up already!