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Get Caught Up in the Green Collateral Cash Explosion

The countdown clock continues ticking down to the 24th of September 2018, a Monday when the moment finally arrives, and 500 players will be caught in the Mr Green Casino’s collateral cash explosion! All you need to do to qualify is follow the link, register, deposit, play and if lucky, you could drive off  in a brand new Tesla Model S Supercar!

As the clock ticks down to 18:00 everyone needs to gather at Mr Green’s Live Beyond Live Roulette table where the cash explosion will take place. The top winner will walk away from with £100,000 cash, in the Mr Green’s £200,000 Cash Explosion. To get caught up in the cash explosion players need to enjoy 200 real-money spins across the pre-selected games selection. The cash prizes range from a minimum of £100 up to a £17,000 for the runner-up and a staggering £100,000 for the winner.

Yet that is just the start of what awaits in the Mr Green’s 10 Year Anniversary Countdown offering players the chance to win £5 Million worth of cash, amazing prizes and cars!

Nineteen runners-up will win cash prizes

Only one will win the Tesla Model S Supercar worth £100,000

Environmentally-friendly celebrities and Forbes’ richest billionaires vote it the car of choices, and now it could be yours! Play any of the participating games, complete 100 spins each worth a minimum of £0.50 and earn a ticket into the Tesla Supercar Draw, taking place on Friday the 3rd of August.

Tesla Model S 75D four-wheel drive, dual engine with a 75 kWh battery up to 490 km range – Top speed of 225 km/ – Winners choice of colour – 19-inch Sonic Carbon Slipstream rims – Navigation – HEPA air purification filter – Premium audio system – 360° cameras and ultrasound sensors – 0-100 km/h in 4.4 sec – Cold weather package – Tesla autopilot system with autonomous driving – Active safety technology

10 Year Anniversary Celebrational Gaming Selection:

Win A Car Promotion Terms & Conditions:

Players need to earn tickets through the weekly promotional period. The prize is one 2018 Tesla Model S 75D or a vehicle equivalently priced. Runner-up prizes worth £5,000 will include 2nd: – £1,500 / 3rd: £1,000 / 4th: £600 / 5th: £400 / 6th-10th: £150 / 11th-15th: £100 / 16th-20th: £50. Prize only available to participants residing in Mr Green Casino’s operating countries. The prize can be exchanged for cash equal to 80% of the car’s value.

£200,000 Cash Explosion Promotion Terms & Conditions:

The total prize money is equivalent to £200,000 divided into 500 prizes. The winning player drawn first wins a single prize worth £100,000 while the prize payouts are as follows: 2nd Place: £17,000 / 3rd Place: £8,000 / 4th Place: £4,000 / 5th Place: £2,000 / 6th-10th Place: £1,300 / 11th-20th Place: £600 / 21st-50th Place: £300 / 51st-100th Place: £150 / 101st-500th Place: £100. The Cash Explosion prize draw takes place on Sunday 23 September 2018.

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Playtech Casinos offering no deposit bonuses

We have worked in the past with the Allfreechips Online casino guide to offer you guys special no deposit casino promotions! Once again we have some very special no deposit bonuses for Playtech casinos for you. We have 4 $10 no deposit bonuses located at the Allfreechips Playtech Casino pages!Â

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Winter Themed Slot Machines


If you were starting to get sad and gloomy as the winter season kicked in, here are some good reasons to stop feeling that way and embrace the winter fully: Winter Themed Slot Machines!! And if you were not feeling sad and gloomy this is another reason to avoid those feelings anyway.

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Choosing Between Different Bonuses at Online Casinos


From experience, I can tell that choosing bonuses at online casinos can be quite a hard task. Most casinos will ask you to choose one from a number of different bonuses and there are several factors that an online gambler should consider before making that choice.

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5 New Releases at Playtech


Today I just want to share with all of you the latest five games that Playtech just launched. They all seem promising and look like a lot of fun, they are all five reel video slots.

The Archer: This one is based on the legend of Robin Hood, the symbols included are archers, bows, a forest and gold. There are 243 ways

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Online casino guides

Well we have been on a break for a while but with all the gambling news its time to get rolling again! How many people have tries their hand at online gambling? It sure seems to be a very large number as its reported to be over a 12 BILLION dollar a year enterprise. I have checked out quite a few online casinos and of course guides. One you need to see is (Allfreechips Casino Guide) . Not only can you get reviews from the staff there they also allow user reviews. I find this great as users usually will give you real world results.

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Online Casino Bonuses and the baggage that they bring

Lets discuss what an online casino bonus is compared to a land based casino bonus. We all know you can get free cash for an online casino very easily, some times without even a deposit first! While we also all know that land based casinos offer “COMPS” as a sort of casino bonus as well but they are not so easy to get your hands on. Lets discuss the two, the issues of both and the pros and cons of these casino bonuses.