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Well the web page for Quicktender now reads : “With regret, the Quicktender service has been discontinued. All account holders will be notified by email ”

 Prohibition at its best, I cant wait until these law makers finally get what they deserve as they get voted out for destroying this once great and free country.Â

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Quicktender Issues processing US paymets

Today were seeing reports that Quicktender users are not getting bank wires sent to them in the USA, instead they see a message saying try again in 5 days due to technical issues. Is this a minor issue or is the US DOJ once again reaching out into the free world and crushing it like a play toy? Lets hope its a US side banking issue that will be solved soon.

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Casino Coins No Longer Accepting new players

I am very sorry to see that Casino Coins brands of Vegas Technology casinos will no longer be accepting any new players at all. This includes players from the USA and from outside the US. The over reaching heavy hand of the Federal Government has made online casino play dismal. With the regulations and paid off Senators, we now face hard choices in selecting an Online casino and a processor we can actually trust. As usual, i expect to see rogue processors pop up some time in the future. This of course is all the fault of the United States Corruption group or as they like to be called Congress.

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eWalletXpress Update


After several days of speculation, electronic payment service provider eWalletXpress finally made an announcement regarding their current situation. In an email sent to their customers eWalletXpress said that they will no longer be able to provide online payment services to US customers.

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Online Gaming in All Corners of the World!


Latin America and South East Asia are the fastest growing online gambling markets at the time, which is why online gaming operators are now competing to get the largest share of the market. Even though there are legal problems in some countries in those regions, operators and software providers are aware that they will encounter such problems in most places and have decided to go through with that it takes to bring their services to all corners of the world.

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Some Thoughts on the Implementation of the UIGEA


As you may already know, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) came into effect on June 1st, 2010 and it was supposed to stop players from making deposits into online gambling sites.

However, players continue to be successful when depositting making the UIGEA not function as it was intended. There are very few sites that have been affected by the legislation but, overall, credit cards have been the most affected with the change, not because of