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Sony to Release Multifunctional Device for Gambling


Nowadays, online casino players prefer options like smartphones and iPads as opposed to the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. This is because they are looking for multifunctional gaming options. However, the companies behind the PSP and Nintendo DS are not willing to go without a fight and they have continued to innovate to a very high level.

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Use Your Android to Play at Your Favorite Casino


Most online casinos have just started releasing online gaming applications for the Android 2.2, they have announced that they are also preparing for the launch of the new operating system, Android 3.0. This new phone is also known as the Honeycomb and it is the next mobile communication innovation by Google.

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About Playtech TV Gaming


The latest technology being used for online gaming is bringing casino games to players’ TV screens. Playtech was the first to finalize their TV gaming project and launched it in early 2010. As we know everyone wants to find out what it is about before jumping to it, here are some basic points to consider.

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Microgaming Application for Android


As I said, the online gambling applications for mobile phones are hot stuff nowadays. Spin 3 is the leading provider of casino games for phones and, after arranging a partnership with online software provider Microgaming, they will launch that they have casino games available.

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Hoe Does the Auto-Play Function Actually Work?


Have you ever got tired of those repetitive casino games in which you have to press the same button over and over again? Then you will be happy to hear that online gaming software providers have now developed vert good auto-play in the industry.

Auto-play allows players to

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Gambling Application for Blackberry


As it is well-known iPhones and iPad have been the targets of many online gambling software developers who have created casino applications for those devices.

However, the industry has finally realized that there is a wide variety of smartphones out there which are very popular amongst the audience, examples of those are Blackberries and Androids.

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About Microgaming and Their Online Casino Games


Microgaming offers more online casino games than any other gaming software provider. At its online casinos the games follow the broad classifications prevalent in the industry but are structured in a simpler manner.

Currently Microgaming offers about 43 blackjack casino games. They are classified as single hand games and multihand games.

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Live Casino Experience Launched in the UK


Ever since the beginning of the online gaming industry, software developers have been trying to simulate a real life gambling experience accessible from computers. Now there might be a way to bring this experience to life, literally.

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CryptoLogic Releases New Gaming Package


Cryptologic is one of the best online gambling software development companies out there, however we could not help but notice that it has not been making a lot of headlines this year..

Well, now we know the reason why CryptoLogic had not been signing agreements with tons of online gaming operator and it is because

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New Study Reveals Facts About Online Gaming on Mobiles


Online gaming solutions provider GreenTube, decided to make a study that would reveal the habits of online gamblers on mobiles. This is a very innovativwe idea, the study is a pioneer in the field and the whole online gaming industry believes that it will be great information for online gaming operators.

Everyday more and more players decide to gamble online, but it is definitely easier when they can access their favorite activity from their mobiles. This study is meant to