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Communists hit Kentucky – Web sensorship

In a move that is absolutely astonishing, Gov. Steve Beshear in a means to protect the horse racing and lottery monopoly, along with the commonwealth of Kentucky has taken over the ownership of an online gambling web site stating they are breaking the laws of 50 states by offering online gambling. Not only is Online Gambling not breaking any state laws unless your in the repressed state of Washington, seizing domain names to sensor the Internet is pure Communism. I hope this causes such a backlash in Kentucky this jackass never sees another day of legislation and turns into a jobless lowlife he is.

Now you say you never heard of the site in question, but that was one of 150 domain names they want to seize including bodoglife, allslots and others all having a major stake in online gambling world wide. If the US is permitted to take control of these domains and sensor the American people on how they are to live their lives then I say its past due for a revolution our founding fathers would be proud of.

Here is a list image of the domains to be attacked.

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Casino City times reports Major leegue sports a big factor

September 18, 2008 (Casino City Times) — Just what is the connection between the U.S. Congress’ hardcore conviction that online gambling should be illegal, and the huge professional sports industry in America?

In a new analysis featured this week in Casino City Times, Vin Narayanan claims that there is a connection there, and that it’s more than significant.

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Super Bowl Odds – New England -12

Looking at the odds for the Superbowl, New England -12 may have a hard time covering. The Giants are playing fantastic as a team, defense is great and the offence is running well, not fantastic but well. New England has been getting a lot of focus by the NFL obviously after going the entire season without a loss, I think this is a problem for them now as the Giants should see the weaknesses in both offense and defence as we can. Stay on the inside of the defense as the backs play off and outside, put LOTS of pressure on Brady and they should cover easily, if not beat the unbeaten?Â

Is Tom Brady hurt? Its hard to tell but by the end of the first quarter we should have the answer! Is Manning getting some inside information from Payton? I am a firm believer blood is stronger than sport, and Payton would much rather have New England beaten in the big game than not. Look for a great by the Giants, also look to Bill to put his plans together to stop them.

I think this will be a very interesting Super Bowl, much better matchup than most people really think.

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NFL game of the week, staring the BROWNS?

Wow.. That’s about all I can say about the Cleveland Browns 51-46 shootout win over the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. The Cleveland Browns looking like the worst possible team in the NFL after the beating they took from the Steelers, History making one quarter benching of the starting quarterback then a later trade the same week. Well they came out shooting Sunday hitting everyone involved! Even the running game got a boost with over 200 yard rushing and 500+ plus yards total offense. Lost in all these stats id Joshua Cribbs 400+ plus yards in return alone. Wow..

 With all this offence on both sides, you have to wonder where the defence was? Well the Browns had a defensive stand when i counted, final minute when Cincinnati has the ball, the Cleveland Brown were able to get a diving sideline, toe scraping pick by Lee Boden to seal the game. Its been a long time since the fans of Cleveland have had something to cheer about, lets hope this can continue!

What about NFL fantasy football players and the book makers? Well all I can say is, did anyone see this coming?

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KC RB Johnson Agrees To Deal

larry johnson nflThe Larry Johnson Fantasy Football nightmare is over.

The star running back has agreed in principle to a new six-year deal with
Kansas City, and is expected to rejoin his team on Tuesday, has

While his teammates were holding two-a-days in River Falls, Wisconsin, Johnson spent
training camp working out at Athletes Performance Institute in Tempe, Arizona.

Financial terms of the deal were not yet available, but it is expected that Johnson
will be one of the three highest-paid running backs in the NFL, along with San
Diego’s LaDainian Tomlinson and Seattle’s Shaun Alexander.