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BC, Canada Regulates Online Gambling


Recently, the government of BC in Canada launched their own site for online gambling in an attempt to tax and regulate the market. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation offered a variety of 75 gambling games on this site and they had a great turnover of players.

However, the online gambling site crashed within just a few hours after being launched due to

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Ohio’s Issue 6 – Allowing gambling in the Bible Belt?

Well after years of failed gambling voting in Ohio Issue six this November is the newest to surface. Issue 6 run by a small time group of Indian Casino promoters is attempting to slip one in there. They have many loopholes in the proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that will allow real casino based gambling once and for all. They state Millions will go directly to each county of the state evenly and everyone will be happy keeping Ohio’s dollars inside the state but what they do not tell you is this is not forever. A major loophole in issue 6 is that it states, all casinos in Ohio will have to pay the exact same tax rate. Does not sound to bad as millions are supposed to flow from just the first casino right? Looking further, if these boys bring an Indian based casino into Ohio later the effective tax rate for all casinos will be 0 (ZERO) (NOTHING)!! as you can not tax a Native American or a business (Casino) run by them. At least the government did something right for these folks that took care of our land before we stepped in.Â

So, as much as I want a casino or two in Ohio, I will be voting NO on issue 6 as I firmly believe a casino will be great for the state, but it must be done correctly or its just a giant vacuum for Ohio’s cash.

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Antigua to Save HD DVD? Yes, Yes they could

As we fall into the final hours of the WTO decision on the Antigua vs USA case, there has not been a lot of talk about it. We see now Antigua is looking to move forward, as they were granted 21 Million USD in sanctions per year to sell US copyrighted materials. What does this have to do with HD DVD? Well if Toshiba was smart they would already have a footprint of some sort within Antigua, ready to convert all HD movies (INCLUDING BLU-RAY) into the more user friendly and cost effective HD DVD format. Over night sales to Time Warner HD DVD movies at $3 each would put a HD DVD player in almost every home overnight.

   Of course I am only suggesting this because yes, I own a HD DVD player and have no reason to go with a Sony product at this time. This strategy of course can work for either side but I think HD DVD with the Internet updates and content blows away Blu.

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EU High Court rules Italian licence award process illegal

The European Union’s high court ruled Italy’s system of awarding licences to gaming companies without a public tender illegal. The European Commission had argued that the renewal process was anti-competitive and favoured incumbent operators.

Also in Italy…

The Italian government is not preparing legislation to limit lottery fines
Italy’s minister responsible for gambling, Vincenzo Visco, is not preparing new legislation to limit possible fines on Lottomatica over video game terminals, according to government sources. The government official was quoted in Italy’s MF Daily newspaper as saying that there were no plans to halt fines being threatened by the public accounts watchdog.


Mega Millions lottery jackpot grows to $325 million

lottery ballsThe jackpot for the 12-state Mega Millions drawing has grown to $325 million after no players won the grand prize Tuesday.

The estimated jackpot for Friday’s drawing could grow close to the record jackpot of $390 million.

On Tuesday, no players won the $350 million grand prize. The winning numbers were 37 – 40 – 48 – 53 – 56 with a Mega ball number of 44.

The drawing will be held 11 p.m. Friday. Tickets will be on sale until 15 minutes before the drawing.

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Slot machine proves a little too generous

loose slotsGamblers at the Twin River casino in Rhode Island were given more than they bargained for after a video lottery terminal awarded credit for twice as much money as had been inserted and erroneously paid out $450,115 over two months. A spokesman for the machine’s supplier said the machine’s money-doubling feature was turned on, apparently by accident.