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This week we saw some intense action at the high stakes online poker tables, with Patrik Antonius having collected a significant figure from the other poker pros. A lot of poker pros were seen at the high stakes table even though they were also playing the Aussie Millions during the past couple of days.

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Jonathan Duhamel Signs with PokerStars


We all know that once you become a recognized figure in poker sponsorship deals will start falling from the sky. In November of last year the name Jonathan Duhamel became the heading of every poker news section and he became coveted by important poker sites.

Finally, the poker pro has made a decision:

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Durrrr Challenge Part 2: Jungleman


Online poker titan Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan had us hanging with his challenge against another titan of poker, Patrik Antonius. However, before that challenge came to an end, durrrr entered a new challenge this time against Dan ‘Jungleman12’ Cates. The challenge has been ongoing, and the two players met at the tables once more on Monday night.

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CardPlayer Announces Player of the Year


Every year the popular gaming magazine CardPlayer picks a lucky gambling figure as the “Player of the Year”. This year the winner is not a traditional poker figure, but it is a player who recently emerged from the shades in the online poker world to the live poker arena.

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Feltstars Poker Buys Reefer Poker


A couple of weeks ago news were released that the merge of two of the most popular poker rooms in the world became effective. Since early December Reefer Poker and Feltstars Poker merged their services and databases.

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New Jersey Online Gambling Bill Delayed


A couple of weeks ago there was a huge fuzz concerning an online gambling regulation bill in New Jersey that seemed to be on the road to be passed. However, it seems like the bill ran into a little bit of traffic on the way and it was not put to vote at the Assembly on December 13th as it was planned.

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2010 Poker Cheating Scandals?


Recently, Sam Simon, the co-creator of one of the most popular animated TV series ‘The Simpsons’, talked to the Las Vegas Review Journal and informed them of some cheating scandals he has witnessed this year.

The first scandal that Simon talked about was the fact that one of the greatest titans of poker, a high stakes professional poker player has continued to lose millions of money due to a

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eWalletXpress Update


After several days of speculation, electronic payment service provider eWalletXpress finally made an announcement regarding their current situation. In an email sent to their customers eWalletXpress said that they will no longer be able to provide online payment services to US customers.

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Online Gambling Legislation Brought Up at the House Once More


The legislative climate for online gambling continues to get stirred up, this time by Harry Reid, Senator Majority of the Nevada district. Reid is trying to push forward his own legislative bill to get online poker legalized in the United States.

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Online poker rooms and online casino went through two very busy months, October and November. It is believed that this was because of the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP).