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Mr. Andersons insight on the US Congress vs Internet Gambling

USAFirst, Let me introduce myself as this is my first article for the new World Gambling News publication. I am James Anderson, father of two and husband of one. All my life I have been against the grain when it comes to perspectives on many issues causing some interesting situations at home, school and sometimes at work. I have found though that thinking a bit different, even if totally incorrect sparks thoughts in others that may have gone undiscovered if I just went along with everyone else. Well that’s the quick background on myself, and I hope that lets you understand where I am coming from in future stories here on World Gambling News.

My first article is one that undoubtedly you are all aware of, the passing of the unlawful Internet Gambling Act attached to the Port Security Bill in the late hours of congress before they ended sessions last year. Instead of going over all the usual, let me explain my thoughts on the bigger picture.

Being a member of the U.S. Congress in the past was job of great prestige, having the elected power to create, remove or change laws governing the citizens of the United States is an immense power that many took great pride in protecting. Our current status with the U.S. Congress now is very sad, as it appears that personal gains and Corporate America have laid waste to the citizens for one goal. The members of today’s U.S. Congress are not only helping themselves, they help each other only to further the overall ability to rob the public blind and sell the rights of citizens to large corporations such as the big two in Nevada as it pertains to this article.

With the ability to legally conduct insider trading, a very little known secret the members of the U.S. Congress hold why would they even want to waste time selling off the freedoms that made this country what it is? It must be Millions they receive right? Well that’s the sad thing, the Internet Gambling Ban may have been sold for as little at $75,000. That’s what is publicly known and of course you can all speculate there is a tad bit more pocket stuffing going on behind the closed doors.

As I stated in the beginning, the Internet Gambling Ban is only a small piece of the larger picture, we are headed down the road to ruins just like Rome. The big guys only want to get bigger, they have no time to respect the lessons learned from history, nor would they be really care at this point as long as they got theirs. The public has become complacent, and frankly that is the overall issue we should be concentrating on as nobody can care less if they are not directly effected from the many changes happening in D.C.. People need to stand up stop the politically correct politicians robbing us blind daily, a revolution sounds humorous at this point does it now because we have been made weak and passive by both our own personal goals and the changes made by our leaders. The thoughts of we’re O.K. have been beaten into us and we accepted them.

The whole point here is that as an American, this is all your fault, as it is mine and every other American that stood by while they were robbed blind with a smile. A revolution will sound humorous until its just not barrable anymore.

Keep in touch as I hope to bring mainly good news in the future but my thoughts on what you, and I have done to this country needed to heard.