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Antigua gets help from Silicon Valley and Hollywood

The tiny island of Antigua is finally getting defended by a source that may have some influence in American politics, Hollywood. “Lobbyists from Silicon Valley and Hollywood are now storming Capitol Hill, pushing for a deal,” read one mainstream news article on the subject.

Antigua filed a $3.4 billion compensation claim after winning a case against the United States over Internet gambling. Antigua plans on getting the $3.4 in compensation via WTO approved bootlegging of American copyrighted material, such as Microsoft products, Disney movies, and music Cd’s.

“Last month the Motion Picture Association of America urged the U.S. trade representative to negotiate with Antigua in order to prevent bootlegging,” said a source in an article.

Mark Mendel, Antigua’s attorney in the trade dispute case, was aiming just for this reaction when he requested the WTO to approve his compensation plan that would include the extinction of copyright rules for Antigua. The attorney did not necessarily want to violate large companies in America, however, he knew the only way to actually get the United States to change its stance on the issue was if some heavy hitters started knocking on their door telling them to make a deal.

“I was laughed at when I first brought the case,” Mendel said. “They totally underestimated me.”

Turns out they did underestimate Mendel because his compensation ruling could go into effect as early as next month, almost exactly a year after the UIGEA, which violated WTO protectionism laws, was passed.

The deadline to cut a deal between the US and Antigua is September 22, but experts believe an extension will be given at that time.

If Antigua gets the compensation plan they want, which is expected to happen, the EU will then file their compensation claim which is expected to be in the $100’s of billions per year.

The bottom line here is that the US better comply with the WTO and open up online gambling or Us intellectual property will be legally pirated and sold all over the world.