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BodogLife is born

It seems as though is no more as comes to life. The following was just posted on the domain. Confused? So are we….

This is the life.

This is Bodog. This is the Life.

High stakes, hot women and killer parties in exotic locales; Bodog’s always known how to roll. It’s all part of our play hard philosophy; it’s all part of the Bodog life.

As you may know, there’ve been some changes at Bodog recently because of issues related to our domain name. We temporarily released a few weeks ago, but in an effort to move to a more permanent home we are pleased to announce We reacted quickly, as we always will, so you can enjoy the hottest site on the net with no interruption in play.

Hey, the world changes, and if you don’t change with it, you get left behind. We’ve been leading the good times for a long time, and nobody will leave us behind. Full speed ahead.

That said, I hope you’ll visit Bodog’s permanent new home at Although the Bodog address is changing for good, the bottom line is: At Bodog, it’s business as usual. Same great site, just a new Web address.

What you will notice is, we’re still the most trusted place on the planet to get your fun fix, whether it’s poker, music, mixed martial arts, casino or sports betting.

This is Bodog. This is the life.

Play hard.

You can read more about’s problems here: is no longer