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Online Casino Bonuses and the baggage that they bring

Lets discuss what an online casino bonus is compared to a land based casino bonus. We all know you can get free cash for an online casino very easily, some times without even a deposit first! While we also all know that land based casinos offer “COMPS” as a sort of casino bonus as well but they are not so easy to get your hands on. Lets discuss the two, the issues of both and the pros and cons of these casino bonuses.

As far back as I can remember i have heard stories of the Land based casino promotions, bonuses or comps. My parents used to travel to Las Vegas every year, and I heard the stories of giant shrimp cocktails, Prime Rib dinners for under three dollars as well as of course the free drinks! These are the attraction bonuses, as they require nothing but you being there to enjoy as you are playing in the casinos, or even not playing. Then we have lush rooms, free meals and lavish entertainment for free if the floor manager thinks you are worth having back in the long term. You get scored as you play, a fish all the way to a “whale”.. if they tag you as a Whale your going to have some great free bonuses in Vegas or any other land based casino! Of course you better be wagering 10-20 THOUSAND a hand to get this one. Land based casinos love the slot players as well, as most of the bottom line earnings are from them, and they get many more small rewards such as meals, free rooms in the future, slot tournament invites and even free airfare sometimes. Not a bad bonus for spinning the old wheels on a five cent machine. All in all the great plus to a land based casino is the fact the are nor “strings” attached after you get it, but to get the big ones the catch is you better have a big bankroll when you get off the plane!

This brings us to the Online Casino Bonuses, they are all over the place, easy to get and most all of them have those damn strings attached to them. Why do they do this? They do it so you get the bonus up front to try out the casino, then hopefully will want to stay and wager your own cash in the future. Some casinos such as RTG (real Time Gaming) offer tons of casino bonuses in the way of coupon codes. These are redeemed usually at the automated cashier for instant extra bonus cash! The catch there is they almost always limit you to a maximum withdraw, and a large play-through. Play-through is the amount of times you need to wager the bonus amount before they will consider the money yours. So a $100 casino bonus at a 10X play through will require you to wager $1000 before you can consider the remaining part yours. Microgaming offers these as well as many other online casino types but usually do not limit your withdraw, but do require a certain play-through otherwise people would simply get a bonus and cash it, not very good for the online casino’s bottom line. Beware of the play-though that do NOT go away if your balance is 0, this means if you play a $1000 play-through up to $300 and loose all your cash at the casino, you can deposit another $100 and find you STILL need to wager $700 more before you can get your cash. Not good in my eyes as once you finish a session everything should be reset, so do your homework when playing online casinos with bonus money.

In the end, both online and land based casino bonuses are great fun and should be considered a little extra for your enjoyment, as making a living off these is very difficult and not advised especially in the online world. Remember to enjoy gambling for what it is, and never go for the big one if it puts you at any risk.