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Remember when football was fun?

Brady QuinnRemember when football was fun? I do… I remember when Pittsburg was the Steel Curtain and when San Fran was an offensive machine. I remember the Dynasty of Dallas. I remember when my team was on the field I could recognize all the players as they were MY players. I also can think back to watching the NFL Schedule as saying I know that going to be a tough game 2 months from now and of course I could mark down a win before the pre-season was over. Yes, I remember when the NFL was was fun…

So why does it sound like I am not having fun with the NFL today? Its not because they are on the move spending millions to ban online wagering, Its not because they are planning to make billions on NFL Fantasy Football Leagues, no, its because they destroyed the FUN in the NFL.

No more are the days that you can build a TEAM.. Team no means the name and logo, no more are the players part of the team. With the free agency they literally destroyed the meaning of TEAM in the NFL. Every year its like pressing the reset button on your favorite team. See what you end up with I guess and keep it even and give the entire NFL a chance to produce a winning team they say. I say its rubbish because I like to get to know my team, and others so I feel I am a part of something. Now I still enjoy watching a game but its has lost the special FEELING I miss so much. There is no longer the team that cant be beat but damn were going to try, there is no longer a building process to be that team. All we have is equality, and frankly equality SUCKS. Yes, Ill still watch from home and get pissy if we loose and happy if we win, but damn I want that FEELING back that is lost.

Things change, So we can only hope this will some day change back, but I doubt it. And by the way if you haven’t guessed by the picture of MY team, its of course the Cleveland Browns.. Some day…