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Where are all the wise guys?

09/11/2007 – by Sid Diamond of Gaming Today

Before getting into next week’s fun and games, a word to all the executives in the accounting departments of the major hotels. Your store’s volume will decline this year as many “wise guys” are not participating in sports betting so far this season.

There are a number of reasons for this decline, but none are due to your specific store’s policies or personnel. Some weeks the joints will be elated with no buy bucks, but some weeks when the key favorites prevail there will be enormous losses.

It figures to be profitable for the stores, with a few potholes along the way. At the end of the day the proper percentage will be there.

The baseball picture will be almost decided with only a few teams remaining for the elusive wild card. I believe the Yankees will prevail as the Tigers stopped hitting, and the Mariners never had a chance.

In the National, the Phillies will again be the bridesmaid as the San Diego club miraculously sneaks in as the wild card. I don’t know who’ll get there in the NL Central, but I’m pulling for the Brewers for personal reasons.

As the curtain rises on the real opening day of the NFL season, every bookmaker in town says the silent prayer: “Lordy Lordy, be good to me. Don’t let too many fall on three.”

Joke of the week: Notre Dame vs. Michigan as the college game of the week. Second joke: Monday NFL game of the week: Redskins vs. Eagles. Which one would you rather not see?

O.K., let’s get down to business. Last week was just fine, so we’ll send out a few more for this week, but you must bear in mind that these selections are made Sunday night, with the opening line, and absolutely no knowledge of weather conditions or non-major injuries.

The Atlanta Falcons get 10 ½ points and the total is 34 ½ points, so if in fact they can score 13, you’ve got to win one bet, and you’ll probably win them both via Jacksonville. The Sunday night game will be a treat, and I’m taking San Diego plus 4 as a visitor to New England. As good as this game will be, that’s how bad the Monday night game will be, as Washington visits the Eagles. This division has very little difference in the teams, so I’d take the Skins plus 7, and head for the cashier early Tuesday morning.

Last Thursday night was the opening of the 2007 NFL season. They tried to do it right and in at least one aspect I think they did. The singing of our National Anthem was a “beautiful thing” as a very young lady with real bright, blond hair and a huge tattoo on her arm did a brilliant rendition. I couldn’t help thinking that my three granddaughters had finally found a “role model” in an activity that their parents and grandparents so often participate in. So the league has enjoyed another success for developing a new fan base for the ever expanding audience associated with the most popular sport in America.

Just a few odds and ends: Carlos Zambrano gets a huge well-deserved long term contract and suddenly can’t get anybody out just when his team, the Cubs, need him the most. Would you think that maybe he had a mental letdown? How about J.D. Drew signing a huge Red Sox contract and hitting only .250 with only a handful of home runs? The letdown didn’t affect “Alex the Great”, as he’s having a definite MVP season so go figure it.

I still don’t get the steroid stuff. Now they are raising the roof about guys getting them before they were banned, so what? Did anybody drink before prohibition? Did anybody not drink during prohibition? That I don’t know as I’m not that old.

Have a great week!