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Decision expected today in the case

Today marks 30 days since iMEGA went before Judge Mary L. Cooper in US District Court (3rd District/Trenton, NJ division) to make oral arguments in support of our request for a temporary restraining order versus the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and to contest the motion to dismiss by the US Dept. of Justice, et al. It is our hope that we will see a decision from Judge Cooper before day’s end.

We do recognize, though, that it is up to the discretion of a Federal judge as to how long they wish to take to render a decision. So, though the court said “30 days”, Judge Cooper can and should take as long as she feels is necessary to provide a fully-considered decision.

Frankly, we feel that it is a good sign that Judge Cooper is taking her time. We believe it confirms iMEGA’s suit is not a “nuisance suit” – one lacking in merit – which would likely have been dismissed immediately.

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PokerTek appoints new CFO

 PokerTek has appointed Mark Roberson as its new Chief Financial Officer. Roberson joins the automated poker table firm from Baker & Taylor, a distributor of books and entertainment products where he served as Vice President and Controller, and was responsible for all financial reporting and accounting functions.

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NBA denies disciplining referees over betting violations

The National Basketball Association denied reports that it had disciplined six referees for violating its anti-gambling rules for officials. A spokesperson for the NBA added that commissioner David Stern would share all the details of its internal investigation into the NBA’s officiating programme once it was complete.

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Absolute Poker: Security Breach Confirmed

Absolute Poker issued a statement this weekend in response to the scandal growing concerning their site’s security and possible ‘super-users’. The statement acknowledged that there had been some form of breach, and thus confirmed the rumours which had been circulating around multiple poker forums.
The story had spread beyond internet forums though, with coverage on various television channels in the US being particularly damaging to the company’s reputation. The reaction to the scandal has been varied, although the prospect of a major online website having security issues has obviously worried a large proportion of the poker playing community.

In the statement, Absolute Poker admitted that they had ‘identified an internal security breach’, and that the cause of the breach has been determined and resolved.

They went on to say that, ‘All players affected by the security breach will be identified during the audit process that has been initiated and all funds, including interest, will be returned.’ In the TwoPlusTwo and Pocket Fives forums, which had been the source of much of the initial investigation, it has been alleged that the second in command at Absolute Poker has been fired. This has been neither confirmed nor denied by Absolute Poker.

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PartyGaming open to Vegas acquisition

PartyGaming’s chief executive officer Mitch Garber said the poker company was open to acquisition approaches from Las Vegas-based casinos. According to a report in Forbes, Garber declined to say whether the company was already in takeover discussions, but said that he would like to hear from the ‘major players’ in Vegas.

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Yankees whip out Wang, Indians give them the Byrd

For some reason the NY Yankees seemed the highly favored team going into the series to win, no one seems to mention the Indians have tied for the best record in baseball, They are third in the league in pitching and of course they are young and really want to win for the right reasons. It was obvious the Cleveland Indians were not startled by the bright lights of Yankee stadium, or mesmerized by the non stop hype of the New York offense. They stayed calm cool and of course, as they have all year, had fun doing what they do. Manager Eric Wedge lives for the day, he lives for the respect of the game.

 With over 200 million spent on Yankee players, old George would be better off buying rings on his own than trying to buy a championship. Threatening to fire Joe is also a show of insecurity, to put your manager on the ropes while the series is still going is pure desperation. As always when you press to hard the results are usually pushed right back in your face.

 Will the Tribe get a championship for Cleveland after all these years? I don’t know, but I do know what is proven to win one. Pitching, Pitching and then a little more Pitching seems to be the Trinity of October ball and Cleveland is stacked from start to finish this year and for many to follow.

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BetonSports Founder Gary Kaplan Denied Bail

Gary Kaplan, the BetonSports Plc founder captured 10 months after fleeing a U.S. government indictment for illegal Internet betting, lost his bid to be freed on bail as he awaits trial.

U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson in St. Louis federal court denied Kaplan’s request to be released. He was initially denied bail by a federal magistrate in June.

“There is no condition or combination of conditions of release that would reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance,” Jackson said yesterday in a ruling.

Kaplan, 48, was seized in a Dominican Republic hotel in March. BetonSports, the London-based online gambling company, pleaded guilty May 24 to a single
racketeering conspiracy charge and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors by furnishing evidence against Kaplan and 11 codefendants. All of the individual defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Kaplan previously offered to pay for a private security detail to guard him and wear electronic monitoring equipment

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UIEGA update, US trying to step away from harm?

After reading the new release of the UIEGA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act) located here : , It appears obvious they do not want to put much effort into enforcement. Although its better than a tough act its still a large thorn in the sides of Online Internet Gambling operations. Key points are bland, if not totally reduced to nothing such as..

What is illegal? – Nothing new really, refer to state and federal laws as the UIEGA will not describe what is or is not legal.  (point being the only illegal form of Internet gambling is not on the Internet, but voice over the phone due to the Wire Act)

What payment processors are to be blocked? – All that conduct transactions that can be positively proven to break #1 (although its impossible as #1 is not specific)

What will be the penalty for financial institutions? – Well #2 can be positive as #1 is impossible, this makes #3 pointless.

Will Online gambling go back to pre UIEGA standings? – No, this is still a big issue although it has -0- merit.

 My thoughts are this is designed to be in the back pocket of these corrupt boys in Washington, as it allows them to say they did something, and collect payments from the likes of Harrah’s and such. I am sure it will also be used in harassment of operators but there is a lot for a good legal team to destroy in this pile of crap. Do not upset the druids by printing this garbage on paper.