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Absolute Poker: Security Breach Confirmed

Absolute Poker issued a statement this weekend in response to the scandal growing concerning their site’s security and possible ‘super-users’. The statement acknowledged that there had been some form of breach, and thus confirmed the rumours which had been circulating around multiple poker forums.
The story had spread beyond internet forums though, with coverage on various television channels in the US being particularly damaging to the company’s reputation. The reaction to the scandal has been varied, although the prospect of a major online website having security issues has obviously worried a large proportion of the poker playing community.

In the statement, Absolute Poker admitted that they had ‘identified an internal security breach’, and that the cause of the breach has been determined and resolved.

They went on to say that, ‘All players affected by the security breach will be identified during the audit process that has been initiated and all funds, including interest, will be returned.’ In the TwoPlusTwo and Pocket Fives forums, which had been the source of much of the initial investigation, it has been alleged that the second in command at Absolute Poker has been fired. This has been neither confirmed nor denied by Absolute Poker.