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Decision expected today in the case

Today marks 30 days since iMEGA went before Judge Mary L. Cooper in US District Court (3rd District/Trenton, NJ division) to make oral arguments in support of our request for a temporary restraining order versus the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and to contest the motion to dismiss by the US Dept. of Justice, et al. It is our hope that we will see a decision from Judge Cooper before day’s end.

We do recognize, though, that it is up to the discretion of a Federal judge as to how long they wish to take to render a decision. So, though the court said “30 days”, Judge Cooper can and should take as long as she feels is necessary to provide a fully-considered decision.

Frankly, we feel that it is a good sign that Judge Cooper is taking her time. We believe it confirms iMEGA’s suit is not a “nuisance suit” – one lacking in merit – which would likely have been dismissed immediately.