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Yankees whip out Wang, Indians give them the Byrd

For some reason the NY Yankees seemed the highly favored team going into the series to win, no one seems to mention the Indians have tied for the best record in baseball, They are third in the league in pitching and of course they are young and really want to win for the right reasons. It was obvious the Cleveland Indians were not startled by the bright lights of Yankee stadium, or mesmerized by the non stop hype of the New York offense. They stayed calm cool and of course, as they have all year, had fun doing what they do. Manager Eric Wedge lives for the day, he lives for the respect of the game.

 With over 200 million spent on Yankee players, old George would be better off buying rings on his own than trying to buy a championship. Threatening to fire Joe is also a show of insecurity, to put your manager on the ropes while the series is still going is pure desperation. As always when you press to hard the results are usually pushed right back in your face.

 Will the Tribe get a championship for Cleveland after all these years? I don’t know, but I do know what is proven to win one. Pitching, Pitching and then a little more Pitching seems to be the Trinity of October ball and Cleveland is stacked from start to finish this year and for many to follow.