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Gambling – No Way in Norway

Norway has become the latest European nation to try and block online gambling activity. Its neighbor, Sweden, has also been taking more of a regulatory stance on the activity.Â

Like the US Government, Norway will hold its financial institutions responsible for policing any transactions related to online gambling sites, including those for online poker. reported the possibility of a payment ban for online gambling was mentioned by Culture Minister Trond Giske, when, in reaction to public outcry against the rise in online gambling amongst Norweigans, he said, “We have been monitoring the issue, and are aware of the drastic increase there has been in people turning to help lines and support organisations due to gaming addiction.”

Last week, Sweden carried out a gambling raid on various Internet cafes and clubs throughout the country. Sweden is home to some of the most prominent online gambling venues including Boss Media, Globet and Svenska Spel.

Like most European countries, Sweden is imposing strict conditions on online gaming to prevent gambling addiction, even though Sweden’s first home grown – state-run – poker web site was launched in March. Estimates are that around 200,000 Swedes play poker on the web.

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On the rise? – ATLANTIC CITY

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey: A burst of new, luxurious mega-casino projects to be built by 2012 will transform the face of Atlantic City into a more futuristic — and crowded — gambling resort.

At least four companies are betting a combined $9 billion (€6.1 billion) that the makeover will help Atlantic City catch up with Las Vegas as a place to come — and stay — for more than just gambling.

Revel Entertainment Group unveiled drawings of its new $2 billion (€1.37 billion) casino-resort, to be called simply “Revel.” Due to open in the second half of 2010, at 710 feet, it will be the tallest building in Atlantic City — at least for a while.

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US Fights WTO Over Internet Gambling

US Fights WTO Over Internet Gambling
By JIM ABRAMS – 17 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — With time running out, the tiny Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda holds the cards in a dispute over Internet gambling that could ultimately cost the United States billions of dollars.

If arbitration efforts fail, Antigua and other aggrieved parties, including the European Union, could begin exacting sanctions as early as next month over the U.S. decision to withdraw from a World Trade Organization accord recognizing the legality of Internet gambling.

Antigua is seeking sanctions worth $3.4 billion, and has suggested it might claim that sum by becoming a harbor for pirated intellectual property such as movies and musical recordings. Total sanctions claimed by the EU, India and other countries approach $100 billion, although the United States, in negotiations, contends that appropriate levels of compensation would be far less.