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Antigua to Save HD DVD? Yes, Yes they could

As we fall into the final hours of the WTO decision on the Antigua vs USA case, there has not been a lot of talk about it. We see now Antigua is looking to move forward, as they were granted 21 Million USD in sanctions per year to sell US copyrighted materials. What does this have to do with HD DVD? Well if Toshiba was smart they would already have a footprint of some sort within Antigua, ready to convert all HD movies (INCLUDING BLU-RAY) into the more user friendly and cost effective HD DVD format. Over night sales to Time Warner HD DVD movies at $3 each would put a HD DVD player in almost every home overnight.

   Of course I am only suggesting this because yes, I own a HD DVD player and have no reason to go with a Sony product at this time. This strategy of course can work for either side but I think HD DVD with the Internet updates and content blows away Blu.

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IMEGA? UIGEA? Whats going on with it all?

Well I have no idea what is going on, although I do know SOMTHING is happening! If it was going to be flushed that would have happened months ago, the fact that we are all asking questions and waiting in the dark means there is something going on. Will the WTO settlements fail as the USA pretty much bent the other parties over old Bill’s oval office desk? Will Congress disapprove of allowing the trade sanctions offered from the US side?Â

I am very happy with waiting as I know something IS in fact going on, I just hope I do not become disappointed in the final results of our bully, nanny, money grabbing system has returned in the past.

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Super Bowl Odds – New England -12

Looking at the odds for the Superbowl, New England -12 may have a hard time covering. The Giants are playing fantastic as a team, defense is great and the offence is running well, not fantastic but well. New England has been getting a lot of focus by the NFL obviously after going the entire season without a loss, I think this is a problem for them now as the Giants should see the weaknesses in both offense and defence as we can. Stay on the inside of the defense as the backs play off and outside, put LOTS of pressure on Brady and they should cover easily, if not beat the unbeaten?Â

Is Tom Brady hurt? Its hard to tell but by the end of the first quarter we should have the answer! Is Manning getting some inside information from Payton? I am a firm believer blood is stronger than sport, and Payton would much rather have New England beaten in the big game than not. Look for a great by the Giants, also look to Bill to put his plans together to stop them.

I think this will be a very interesting Super Bowl, much better matchup than most people really think.