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UIGEA On the ropes – Congress getting smart?

Well as always the UIGEA is costing tax payers money as Congress is still struggling over what to do. The financial world headed by Barney Frank states there is no way the banking industry will become the secret police of the DOJ in the fight against Unlawful Internet Gambling. What in the hell is Unlawful Internet Gambling anyway as it was never defined anywhere! With millions of transaction a day between banks there is no way they want to get involved in analyzing these for the possibility of any being used for online gambling. The UIGEA is DEAD, DEAD DEAD but it is still on the books!

 New bills introduced to remove the powers of the UIGEA are in place, as well as bills to regulate the online gaming industry, something that should have been done years ago. Congress has to stop using every situation for personal benefit to their pockets and start doing what is right for the country and freedom.