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Communists hit Kentucky – Web sensorship

In a move that is absolutely astonishing, Gov. Steve Beshear in a means to protect the horse racing and lottery monopoly, along with the commonwealth of Kentucky has taken over the ownership of an online gambling web site stating they are breaking the laws of 50 states by offering online gambling. Not only is Online Gambling not breaking any state laws unless your in the repressed state of Washington, seizing domain names to sensor the Internet is pure Communism. I hope this causes such a backlash in Kentucky this jackass never sees another day of legislation and turns into a jobless lowlife he is.

Now you say you never heard of the site in question, but that was one of 150 domain names they want to seize including bodoglife, allslots and others all having a major stake in online gambling world wide. If the US is permitted to take control of these domains and sensor the American people on how they are to live their lives then I say its past due for a revolution our founding fathers would be proud of.

Here is a list image of the domains to be attacked.Domains

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