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Litigation floodgates for the .com industry in hand

Well today is the day that Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky will get his answer from the judge as he attempts to obtain the ownership of 141 more Online Gambling domain names to The Commonwealth of Kentucky to “protect the people of Kentucky” . Well he also stated that he really wants to protect the Horse racing industry of Kentucky as well as the land based casinos and lottery mainly but he is also concerned about the people I guess?Â

The historic presence of this case is huge, if he succeeds where does it go next? If he is permitted to get the 141 names (he already has obtained 2 that were no longer in use but on his list) where does it end? The domain names in question are form licensed operators in different countries, with domain registration legally obtained outside of the United States. This sounds so amazingly impossible that I feel stupid writing this article but this is happening, happening TODAY, NOW.. well you get the idea.

If this case is not thrown out of court and laughed at by the presiding justice what is next? Will all adult sites be taken over by a state or church that claims the content is not suitable for people or children in their district? What about the businesses destroyed by taking away the number one identifier? Are all news sites next if they report a story that makes the public obtain an opinion that others do not want?

 Its bad enough we are loosing ground to China in many aspects, but we do not need to become China. This is an attempt at censorship, plain and simple but I bet the complacent public of the United States will just utter the old “well that’s too bad but I am not effected” quote we are all accustomed to at this point.