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US bail out plan, could the death of the UIGEA be involved?

Well this is a personal opinion but Barney Frank has some serious pull all of a sudden. As the house financial leader he is now looking straight into the bail out plan for wall-street valued at 700 Billion, OMG that’s a big number and that includes MY tax money as well as all other Americans. I hate to bail out any corporation or greedy ass wallstreet folks but the economy needs fixed or we all go broke I guess.

Getting back to the point, with barney frank presiding over this bill, how hard would it be to slip in an end to the UIGEA as its another must pass bill. You know my stance on “slipping” something onto a bill but this would be a double negative making a real positive no? With Frank’s attempts at passing a bill to eradicate the UIGEA as its a complete joke and Bordon on the banking industry, it seems almost for sure he will add text to regulate gaming online or at least wipe out this stupid addition to the port security act.

 All we can do is hope something decent comes of this fiasco, maybe a moment of silence or a few thousand emails to Frank to let him know this is a good idea!Â