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Kentucky on the move – Doyle’s Room falls and others

It is simply amazing. Amazing that the freedoms of the world and the people of the United States have to be sold off to land based casinos and the horse racing monopoly of Kentucky. Where is the freedom of choice? When it comes to cash the United States only sees one thing. If you make money we get a piece, if you spend money we better be getting a piece. With the 700 (850) Billion dollar tax bail out for Wall Street and the censorship of the Internet I hope and pray the American public wakes up before we are all standing in line for food and health care. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

 Others handed over form Go Daddy registrar are Cake Poker, and Ultimate Bet Poker along with of course Doyle’s Room.

 If anyone has a domain registered with Go Daddy I suggest moving it ASAP.