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NeoGames Partners announces new TV commercial for

NeoGames Partners announces new TV commercial for in the UKNeoGames Partners, the affiliate program for NeoGames’ world leading online scratch card brands, Scratch2Cash and, has announced that they are launching their very first major TV campaign in the UK throughout August. The channels the commercial will run on are Channel 4 and Channel Five between the hours of 11am and 5pm every day. For the first two weeks in August, the Greater London area will be showing the commercial, whilst the North of England will be advertising throughout the month.

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UIGEA reulations will have NO Effect?

Gambling Law Expert Tells Poker News Daily that UIGEA Regulations Will Not Have “Any Effect At All”

From the CAP News page:

July 30, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — In an interview published at Poker News Daily, Nelson Rose, a noted gambling law professor who often speaks out on the regulations against online gaming, told the publication that, whether or not the law goes into fuller effect this December as planned, the UIGEA regulations are likely to have minimal impact on the poker industry at large.

“I think there’s a good chance that HR 2266 will pass,” Rose said, referring to the legislation currently in Congress that seeks to overturn most of the UIGEA’s stipulations. “Nobody likes the regulations of the UIGEA, but it’s of such little interest to members of Congress right now.”

However, Rose went on to discuss why it might not matter that much. “The whole focus has changed,” he said. “Instead of looking at individual transactions, financial institutions are now told not to. Basically, the whole program focuses on due diligence on new accounts. If you’re crazy enough to set up a bank account with an American bank, they’ll ask if you’re involved in illegal internet gambling. Banks are specifically told not to look at individual transactions, so it doesn’t really do much except impose an extra level of regulation and cost onto the banks. The payment processors have already figured out ways around it.”

“The UIGEA is a piece of garbage, but the regulators did the best they could do with it,” Rose continued. “It’s a requirement that banks spend money for nothing and that’s not what the government should be doing right now.”

Click here to read the complete interview at Poker News Daily.

Nathan – Staff

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Man who spurred Nevada Gov Jim Gibbons probe facing casino debt

By KEN RITTER Associated Press Writer

Updated:Â 07/23/2009 02:12:18 PM PDT

LAS VEGAS—A software designer who alleged Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons took bribes from a Reno-based defense contractor is accused of failing to repay $1 million in casino debts to a Las Vegas Strip casino.

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UIGEA Status

So we have to ask what is the status of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act thrown on the port security bill in 2006? Well we have to say nothing really. Barney frank is of course still pushing to remove it and go to a regulatory role with online gambling, but it doesn’t have the backing required yet.Â

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Ohio to finally get gambling


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s office on Tuesday determined that proponents of the most recent casino gambling statewide petition submitted enough signatures found valid by the state’s boards of elections to qualify the issue for the November 2009 election ballot.

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Online casino guides

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