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About Phil Hellmuth and the WSOPE – From Doyle’s Blog

doylebrunson.jpgDoyle Brunson is currently in London playing the WSOPE. He has made it to the top 25 and is trying to get a seat at the final table. With 93,000 chips  he is in a good position to get it. During his break, Doyle decided to write a blog entry about his opinion of Phil Hellmuth and the WSOPE.

Doyle wrote, “I’ve always liked Phil Helmuth and have defended his tantrums because that is Phil being Phil, but these grand entrances he makes are

too much! He came to my table dressed as Julius Caesar along with trumpets and scantily clad girls. It embarrassed me just being there. I would have liked to applied for the role of Brutus. I am a poker purist and stuff like that detracts too much from what a great game poker is.”

About the WSOPE, the poker legen thinks that the venue should be changed every year. “London is just too expensive for the beginning pros to play. The Empire Casino is where we play now and it needs to be bigger. The tournament would draw many more players if it was in a different European city each year.” he commented.

 I cannot do more but agree with the Big Papa, Phil Hellmuth trim your ego a bit, Harrah’s change the venues!