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High Stakes Poker is Back for Season 6

I have ghigh-stakes-poker2.jpgot extremely happy news for you all: mine, yours and everyone’s favourite TV poker show  is slated to come back to GSN in February 2010. The show producers have not made an official announcement yet but Barry Greenstein was in charge of letting the cat out of the bag.

I could not be more excited as before seasons 4 and 5 took forever to come out and there were rumours that it might not come back due to bad performance with GSN’s female audience. Season 5 though, was extremely successful and it performed greatly, I blame Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan’s agressive play style for the high ratings the show got and probably due to that it is now back for season 6.

During an interview with ESPN back in August, Greenstein said that Poker Productions (the company behind HSP) planned to get players to start filming in October and November. Eric Drache also commented on the TwoPlusTwo PokerCast that HSP would begin filming when Poker After Dark concluded.

This season expects some of the top poker pros to attend, Greenstein is confirmed and his new charity line will be “Bing, Blang, Blaow”, in the past he has used some funny phrases like “Math is idiotic” and “lol donkaments” to raise money for different charities, so it will be entertaining to watch what he comes up with to say the new line. There are no other names confirmed to be at the show but I can speculate that the likes of Brunson, Negreanu and Dwan will show up as well.