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Jeff Shulman to Receive Coaching for WSOP ME Final Table

phil_hellmuth.jpgYes, you read that correctly. Card Player Media president and November Niner Jeff Shulman has decided to prepare himself for the final table with a coach. None of the other players are doing it but he seems to want to be ahead of the rest.The coach Shulman has chosen is no other than Phil ‘Poker Brat’ Hellmuth.

Hellmuth has won 11 WSOP bracelets in his career and holds the record for most WSOP cashes. However, in recent years, the Poker Brat  seems to have lost his touch and has not taken down any bracelets. Will he be able to teach Shulman how to play like a champ? We are about to see that in a couple of months.

Shulman and Hellmuth have a long-time relationship as businessmen and as friends also. Â The coaching sessions will happen via Skype and the Poker Brat will try to make a champion out of Shulman, or maybe he has it in him already?? Hmmm…

“We’re going to talk about final-table strategy, analyze tapes, and work on my own play.” Shulman stated. “The simplest reason why I’m doing this — I want to win, and I think it will help.”Well Jeff, we will see about that in November and if you win we will painfully observe how you throw that bracelet to the garbage bin like you promised.