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Poker Player Talks About Eurolinx Scandal

eurolinx.jpgAt an interview with Poker News Daily, Marc Karam decided to talk about the Eurolinx scandal. Karam states that after his deep run at the EPT Monte Carlo in 2006 he was offered a sponsorship with the site which included 100% rakeback, entries to tournaments and a great affiliate deal.In 2008, Jo Remme, owner/manager of Eurolinx, borrowed $200k from Karam and in exchange promised that Eurolinx would pay for the launch of his new poker skin and all the plans were ready to get started when the site announced the shutting down and liquidation.Karam is not the only player in this situation, Eurolinx had other deals with poker players, one of them being Tom Dwan, who will probably never see a penny from their bankrolls again; most of them were serious high-rollers.

PND: Now that Eurolinx has gone into liquidation, you’ve most likely suffered the biggest financial loss of anyone involved. Do you mind speaking about your financial losses?

Karam: I’d rather not say exactly how much I lost, but it was not $1 million as was mentioned on the TwoPlusTwo Podcast. In my statement, I said I had $1 million at one time when I gave the loan. Withdrawals and a pretty ugly downswing left me with less than that.

PND: Where do you go from here in terms of trying to recoup lost funds?

Karam: Right now, I have pretty much written off my losses and anything I do recover will be looked at as a bonus. After seeing what resulted from the Tusk scandal, my hopes are not high.

PND: What’s your guess as to what happened to the millions of dollars that apparently have vanished?

Karam: There are really only two likely scenarios: bad investments or theft.

PND: It seem

s like you weren’t the only high-stakes player to lose six- or seven-figures, as Tom “durrrr” Dwan himself posted in the thread. Are you pooling your resources to fight for lost funds?

Karam: We spoke briefly; there are people who are pooling resources and I am considering joining them shortly.

PND: What’s the plan moving into the future?

Karam: Right now, I’m just trying to put the whole situation behind me and start fresh. I’ve been playing a lot of poker, but I also won’t let w

hat happened discourage me from continuing to work on the affiliate side of things. I have learned many lessons from this.

PND: Do you have any final statements aimed at others affected by the situation?

Karam: While this situation is extremely unfortunate, I hope it wakes up not only the people who were victimized by it, but also the entire poker world, and puts a lot more pressure onto sites and networks to ensure it never happens again. I’d also like to thank a lot of the ex-staff at Eurolinx who have helped out in the investigation.Read full interview.Â