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EPT London Ends Tragically for Peter Eastgate


As we reported previously, Peter Eastgate was in an good position to make it to the title of the EPT London. However, cards did not fall his way and Aaron Gustavson was crowned champion taking the GBP 850,000 first prize.

Aaron Gustavson entered as the chip leader of the final table that he managed to hold on to until he reached heads-up play. Peter Eastgate was second in chips and he also entered heads-up play in that position.

During the very first hand, Gustavson gained a 3:1 advantage by playing a hand well and forcing Eastgate to fold with a check-raise on the river.Heads-up play did not last for too long and the decisive hand came in less than an hour of play.

Peter Eastgate opened with a 350,000 bet and Gustavson made it 900,000 to go. Eastgate shoved in for 5 million and got called. He looked at the table with disgust as Gustavson flipped his AQ against eastgate’s A9.The board did not bring any help to the players and Gustavson was crowned champion. Congratulations for his winning.