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Joe Hachem in New Reality Poker TV Show

joe-hachem.jpgAustralia is currently host to a new reality TV poker show called ‘The Poker Star’. The show is hosted by the country’s most successful professional poker player Joe Hachem.

The show features Hachem as the judge in the process of finding Australia’s next big poker star. The dynamics are that a group of ameteur poker players willlive together in a house in a sort of ‘Big Brother’ scenario. They will be challenged to show their poker skills and not only do they have to prove they are good poker players but also that they can be leaders and a role model for Australian poker.

Good (or bad) news is that the show will be broadcasted internationally so even if you live in the deepest corner of the world you will be able to watch the development of the show. Personally, I am not a big fan of poker TV, especially after the hiuge fiasco of ‘Face the Ace’, I think poker TV should stick to High Stakes Poker, but we’ll see how this show rates soon.