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Mark Vos and Patrik Antonius get Verbal

antoniusp3.jpegProfessional poker players Patrik Antonius and Mark Vos have ongoing war of words, apparently ignited by some remarks originally made by Vos and not taken too kindly by Antonius.

In September Antonius had an interview with Inside Poker and the Finnish plauer called Vos a “total piece of shit” and that he wanted to take him to an MMA match. “He could have three minutes where he could just punch me. He could have one round to try and win. I would love to break his nose. This guy has been putting his nose into my business and telling lies about me,” Antonius said.

More recently Antonius was in an interview with Black Belt Poker and said, “I’m angry with Mark Vos because he… er…. he… yeah, he’s pretty much a fucking idiot. He’s been saying things to people about me that aren’t true and it’s been interfering with and disturbing my work. We work under the same company [Full Tilt Poker], and he’s been telling things to the top of the company which weren’t true. He shouldn’t be talking about things that he doesn’t know about.”According to Patrik, Vos has suggested that he’s been multi-accounting on Full Tilt Poker, and he finds these accusations incomprehensible and unforgivable.

After that interview, Mark Vos decided to speak up on the 2+2 Forum claiming that he does not know what Antonius is talking about and that he thought things were ok between them until he heard those comments. He also said that Roland de Wolfe talked to Antonius on behalf of Vos trying to make things smooth again. “He says that I am spreading lies about him, WHAT LIES? I pointed out a peculiar similarity in his chat with someone else…. On THIS forum. I didn’t state that he was multi-accounting, I just stated a fact, with a possible implication,” Vos wrote.

He adds that his original implication may have been a mistake, and continues, “I am confident there is nothing to his accusations of me, and am assuming he was told incorrect information, or misunderstood information and jumped on it blindly.”

Vos also stated he is willing to apologize “wholeheartedly” and hopes the Finn to do the same as he abused Vos unfaitly. You can read Antonius’ interviews at and