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Peter Eastgate ShortStacking at PokerStars


The practice of shortstacking is something that most poker players cannot stand. It involves a player who sits at the table, doubles up their money and leaves just to come back with their original buy-in. Some players known for doing this are Mark Vos and Gus Hansen at times.

But the new addition to the list of shortstacker is2008 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Peter Eastgate. At a $200/$400 NL Hold’em game at PokerStars. Eastgate went in with 20 big blinds ($8,000), doubled up immeadiately and left only to come back a while later with his original $8,000.

His opponent was ‘FiSHeYe1984’ and immediately reacted to the player’s bad manners.

  • FiSHeYe1984: don’t you have millions ?
  • FiSHeYe1984: why do you hit and run like a girl ?
  • PeterEastgate: to make them last longerFiSHeYe1984: shotstacking mainevent winner
  • FiSHeYe1984: at least show some etiquette and give me some buttons