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Something to Feel Good About Some of Your Worst Poker Mistakes

I think that once in a while it is good to bring down to human the image of some of our favorite poker players. Maybe we get to think that they are just one of us mortals…

Well, this video is going to help that thought a bit as we are about to see a colosal mistake made  by no other than one of the most recognized players in the world at the WSOP Main Event.This is part of the ESPN broadcast from this year’s series.

At this point I believe he was rather really tired, had had too many beers or something strange happened as he mucked a winning hand in a bog pot without realising his pocket pair had improved to a flush on the board.

The player realises his mistake right away and just sees the 2 million pot walk away from him, perhaps those chips would have come handy at the final table. And I know you will be in disbelief when I tell you that it was Phil Ivey who did that, see for yourselves: