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The Poker Priest Succeeds at PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge

andrew-trapp.jpgAt the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge God must have been helping his protege. Reverend Andrew Trapp has performed greatly so far and says he will use his winnings to buy a new building for St. Michael Catholic Church in South Carolina. The priest first made it to the game show by finishing the top 10 in a 10,000 players onlune qualifier. He then submitted an audition video which impressed the judges and got him a seat at the show.

So far, Reverend Trapp defeated NBA star John Salley and winning a seat at the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He then proceeded to outplay Vanessa Rousso and taking $25,000 for his efforts.

In his latest encounter Trapp played Kid Poker Daniel Negreanu and beat him for $100,000. The reverend now has a shot at $1,000,000 at the Table of Champions in December.

Trapp hopes that his appearance on the show will teach people that moderate gambling is allowed in Catholicism.