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Isildur1 Takes Some Money Back from Patrik Antonius


More and more action has been taking place at the high stakes table of Full Tilt Poker and it has been new online phemonenon Isildur1 who has managed to keep them active.After losing almost $3 million to Patrik Antonius, Isildur1 decided that it was time to take some back.

The titans of poker met at Full Tilt’s $500/$1000 PLO tables last night.The battle lasted for about 5,000 hands (that’s about 13 hours of play) and Isildur1 took $700k from Patrik. The players agreed on not letting the stacks go in too deep at this match so they were constantly moving into new tables to start over with their original stacks.

Isildur1 dominated play throughout  most of the session, had some swings in the middle but it was in the last 800 hands when he took most of his winnings back.