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New High Stakes Figure: Isildur1


If you have been watching the high stakes tables at Full Tilt you probably notice that there is a new guy taking the money of all the other big players. Well, in case you haven’t, keep reading to find out all about him.

During the past two weeks Isildur1 took around $3 million from Full Tilt Pro Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan in PLO. The players went on for almost 33,000 (we wish durrrr played that amount of hands against Patrik Antonius and get the challenge done with!). Isildur1 has decided that he will not play Dwan on less than 5 simultaneous tables, which is remarkable as Tom Dwan is known for being a multi-table specialist.

Last night we found Isildur1 playing against Patrik Antonius at the $500/$1000 PLO tables. The titans clash ended with Patrik Antonius up by $2,978,963. Isildur1 seemed to be more on tilt this time than on his encounters with durrrr and ended up losing a large sum. This was ther first time the players met and they seemed to be getting along on the chat window.

For now, we are still unaware of who exactly is this Isildur1, but rumours say he is a 19 year old poker player from Sweden.