New Poker TV Show on FSN ‘Poker2Nite’ airs Tonight


Ultimate Bet Pro Joe Sebok and poker journalist Scott Huff will host a poker TV show with highly entertaining poker news. The show is titled “Poker2Nite” and it is expected to be one of the most popular ones on Fox Sports Net (FSN).

Poker2Nite debuts tonight at 11pm ET and will air every Wednesday from today. It gets even better because if you missed it you can catch it again on Thursday at 4pm and on Friday at 11am.

Joe Sebok is known for being Barry Greenstein’s son and for being the main president of PokerRoad. But he has also played poker tournaments and as president of PokerRoad is highly involved with the poker media and all of the strategy tips from his father.

“‘Poker2Nite’s’ mission is to create something that hasn’t existed in the poker community yet: a unique poker TV show that takes fans into our world, seen through our eyes, and in our voice. Experience poker the way we do — with excitement, wit and a keen sense of humor. We’re creating our own little club, but all you have to do to gain access is love poker along with us. It’s going to be a wild ride so get on board,” said Joe Sebok.

You can take a peek at the show here.Â