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Phil Ivey Must Stick to Full Tilt’s Rules


With the WSOP Main Event final table getting closer, we have found out that professional poker player Phil Ivey is meant to act under certain regulations.

The Full Tilt Pro has to stick to certain rules, most of them still unknown to us, and we think this is in order to protect his reputation as he will have a high-profile appearance soon.

The only regulation that we are aware of is that Ivey is no longer allowed to do flips at the virtual high stakes table. We base our statement on this conversation from the Full Tilt chat window in which he tells professional poker player Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies the following:

  • Ziigmund: let sflip
  • Ziigmund: lets flip
  • Ziigmund: lets flip
  • Ziigmund: lets flip
  • Phil Ivey: full tilt won’t allow me to do that
  • Ziigmund: ????
  • Phil Ivey: long stry
  • Ziigmund: huh¨¨
  • Ziigmund: whatever
  • Phil Ivey: im serious

It is quite a pitty because watching the rich and famous throwing money to one another is quite entertaining. We will see if the ban is lifted after Ivey’s final table appearance.