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WSOP Final Table Heads-Up Play Starts Today


On Saturday we saw one of the most expected World Series of Poker final tables play out. Most of you are aware that Phil Ivey was a favourite to take down the event but he failed to do so, leaving tons of fans, who wanted to see a professional poker player win, disappointed.

Ivey was eliminated in 7th place when his A K ran intoDarvin Moon’s A Q, and the second one managed to pair up his Queen in the flop.

The results of the final table were absolutely unexpected. Actually, in some surveys made before the start of play Ivey was the favourite and the two players who are going into heads-up play today had only a small share of the votes.

It is Joe Cada, a player who could become the youngest WSOP champion ever, against Darvin Moon, a regular man from Maryland who managed to come to the final table with a significant chip lead.

Today, one of them will be crowned champion of the world, taking home a bracelet and a juicy money prize.If you missed the final table then you can listen to it here.