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Full Tilt’s Sunday Break Down


The news on online poker room Full Tilt Poker just seem to keep coming. On Sunday there was chaos on the site as Full Tilt’s server crashed precisely at the day’s heaviest traffic moment.

For a few minutes players were disconnected and the server would not allow anyone to

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Isildur1 Suspects Cheating From Hastings and Co.


Perhaps we are a bit behind but we did not want to leave all of you uninformed in a hot topic that has been going around the internet poker forums.

We previously reported that Brian Hastings managed to take an incredible sum of money from new online poker phenomenon Isildur1. However, controversy was born when ESPN published an article implying that Hastings, Cole South and Brian Townsend had cheated

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Brad Booth’s Sponsorship Deal with Full Tilt Vanished


Canadian poker pro Brad Booth was on the Hardcore Poker Show where he talked about how Full Tilt Poker stopped all payments to him without giving him any reasons. The poker pro had a sponsorship deal with the site and was promised a lot of things but all of the sudden everything stopped happening.

Amongst the things he was promised there was a monthly

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An Interview with Patrik Antonius


Recently, Patrik Antonius gave out an interview in which he speaks of new high stakes prominent figure Isildur1 and some of his future plans. Let’s remind ourselves that Patrik Antonius is one of the few who have been able to tame the wild player.

Q1. You have played against Isildur1 and finally got the upper hand. How does he compare to your other high stakes opponents, and is he down for good now?

PA: Isildur1 came to the high stakes tables with a very strong game plan. He’s a talented player and obviously

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Isildur1 Surrenders to Brian Hastings


“Isildur1” has had his hands full recently with all of the big guns online. However, Tuesday night’s session wasn’t with Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan or even Brian Townsend. Brian Hastings joined the flurry of high-stakes action against “Isildur1” and wrapped up a 2,861-hand session with a cool $4.2 million.

The sad thing is that “Isildur1” wasn’t even having a bad day until

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Marcel Luske Launches Debut Album


Professional poker player from The Netherlands Marcel Luske is known for singing at the tables as a way to measure his opponents. However, we were surprised to realise that he has decide to take his singing to a higher level.

In recent news we found out that Luske is launching his first album

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Daniel Negreanu Recommends Seeing a Therapist


On his latest blog entry, professional poker player Daniel Negreanu writes about the duel over his mother’s death and says he will start seeing a therapist weekly now. “I decided to go see a therapist and just talk about what I’m feeling in regards to the loss. I was really close with my mother and she was my rock in so many ways.” he states. On the same entry, he recommends that some of the younger pros could also benefit from seeing a thrapist and here is why.

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Barney Frank’s UIGEA Hearing Concludes with no Vote

In a widely attended hearing on Thursday morning, Rep. Barney Frank delivered the case for the regulation of the online gaming industry. The hearing featured several expert witnesses and questioning from a handful of members of the House Financial Services Committee. No committee vote was taken, and Rep. Frank concluded the meeting, saying, “We will be returning to this subject next year.”

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Viktor Blom Denies Being Isildur1


If you were already excited thinking that you knew the identity of Isildur1 then I have got some bad news for you. Apparently, Viktor Blom gave out an interview to Bluff Europe Magazine and when asked about his possible pseudonym he said

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Tony G Says Isildur1 is Actually Viktor Blom


We have been hearing a lot about new online poker phenomenon Isildur1 but so far there have not been real details on the identity of this player. Â We were aware that he was a professional and talented gambler from Sweden but did not know his name nor real location.

However, it seems like the mystery is coming together and there has been speculation from many reputable sources about Isildur1 being Swedish professional poker player