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An Interview with Patrik Antonius


Recently, Patrik Antonius gave out an interview in which he speaks of new high stakes prominent figure Isildur1 and some of his future plans. Let’s remind ourselves that Patrik Antonius is one of the few who have been able to tame the wild player.

Q1. You have played against Isildur1 and finally got the upper hand. How does he compare to your other high stakes opponents, and is he down for good now?

PA: Isildur1 came to the high stakes tables with a very strong game plan. He’s a talented player and obviously he has lots of experience multitabling four tables or more HU. His game differs a lot from other players at this level. He often forces his opponents to make “call or fold” decisions, and because he’s betting or raising full pots, obviously the pots get bigger than usual. His ability to switch gears quickly has taken me somewhat by surprise. After a few sessions I thought I had a good read on his play, but then he always managed to surprise me by varying his play very skillfully, for instance by varying his ratio of hands for value betting.

His weaknesses have to do with game selection mainly; you can safely say he’s the worst in the world at it if he’s playing eight tables of HU with me, Ivey and durrrr at the same time. Also he probably has less experience in PLO than NLHE, as he has gotten a lot better at PLO compared to our first sessions. With more patience and experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the next superstar at high stakes, but only time will tell. He certainly has the talent for it.

Q2: What about durrrr’s Challenge?

PA: About this question Patrik said that they will play when it fits their timetables. “Like we agreed at the beginning, we will play only when there is no other action on offer. Let’s hope we get it done rather sooner than later.”

Q3: Do you prefer online to live cash games, or is it only about EV?

“Live games are the “perfect poker experience” with real dealers and the chance to get some good reads on the other players. On the other hand, they are also more stressful because the stakes are usually higher than online – except with Isildur1.”

Q4: How do you see the future of online poker? Will the games get even bigger, or will they have to get smaller because the funders run out of money?

“I can’t see them getting any bigger in a long time. Live games can occasionally get really crazy, like the 3k/6k PLO and 8k/16k Limit Deuce to Seven we played last August. There simply won’t be enough players with enough money. If the regulars run out of money we will have to move back down.” Antonius stated.

Q5: What about the future of poker in general; is it gonna slow down or will the growth continue?

PA: I think everything points towards growth. We will reach the peak at some point, of course, but hopefully it’s still many years away. For instance, the games are really good on Full Tilt Poker and they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down despite the economy.

Q6: What kind of investments do you have at gaming companies? And how would you describe yourself as an investor?

PA: I’m a member of Team Full Tilt and I take it very seriously. My aim is to do everything I can to add some value to the site. We signed the deal 18 months ago, and I’m very pleased with their professionalism and the way they listen to the players’ wishes.

I also have a stake at Pokerihuone/24h Poker, and I’ve been very happy with that, too. It’s a well run company with good assets and a strong position in the Nordic countries.Since playing poker is a very risky business with my stakes, I want to invest my money only at reliable and healthy companies. That’s why I’m very careful with my investments and always consult professionals before doing anything. Nevertheless, my profession is a poker player and success at the tables is the most important thing for me. I’m happy with my passive investment strategy, and for instance the downtrend in the stock market didn’t really affect me at all. Of course you have to keep your eyes and ears open all the time and see how the market develops.

Q7: If you think back to your poker career, was it easier to become a pro back then?

Definitely easier. The overall quality of players sucked back then and it was really easy to build a roll. On the other hand, it was harder to develop yourself as a player since there was no information available and you had to learn to figure out everything for yourself. The upside is that it has been a big help to my game later on. I have been able to learn all the new games very quickly.

Q8: Do you see yourself doing something else in ten years time, or are you gonna play for as long as Doyle?

PA: I can easily see myself playing ten years from now, but definitely not in any significant action at old age. I will probably have motivation for poker for as long as I can beat the biggest games.

Q9: And in the near future…?

PA: I see myself playing at the Big Game at Bellagio in December!

Source: Coinflip