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Brad Booth’s Sponsorship Deal with Full Tilt Vanished


Canadian poker pro Brad Booth was on the Hardcore Poker Show where he talked about how Full Tilt Poker stopped all payments to him without giving him any reasons. The poker pro had a sponsorship deal with the site and was promised a lot of things but all of the sudden everything stopped happening.

Amongst the things he was promised there was a monthly cash payment, rakeback on the site and more. The sponsorship deal was agreed with Ray Bitar, one of the owners of the site and the man in charge of sponsorship deals.

Booth says that after he spent some time “up north in his igloo” (we do not for sure what this means either), Bitar stopped sending him payments. “I thought we were friends, but…” Booth said. “I hope you’re listening to this, Ray: you’re kind of an idiot.”

Unfortunately for the poker pro he says that this was only a handshake deal and nothing was inked so he cannot take this to court nor do much about it. Booth also said he does not hold bad feelings towards other pros and entrepreneurs at Full Tilt Poker.