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Daniel Negreanu Recommends Seeing a Therapist


On his latest blog entry, professional poker player Daniel Negreanu writes about the duel over his mother’s death and says he will start seeing a therapist weekly now. “I decided to go see a therapist and just talk about what I’m feeling in regards to the loss. I was really close with my mother and she was my rock in so many ways.” he states. On the same entry, he recommends that some of the younger pros could also benefit from seeing a thrapist and here is why.

“I think more people should go, especially young poker players who often live an unhealthy lifestyle both mentally and physically,” hel writes. “Strip joints, alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. may seem like ‘woo hoo fun times’ and it may seem on the surface like you are ‘living the life,’ but at the core, it’s kind of sad, pathetic, and empty.”

“I feel bad for some of the online kids actually. Genuinely bad when I see them headed down the wrong path, but I know there isn’t much I can do to help them. They need to see it for themselves and grow out of it. If they don’t, they just won’t be around in 5 years.” he says and quotes TJ Cloutier who used to have the same thought.

It is actually sad to see some of the young pros go down the wrong way because some of them are just really talented. Hopefully they will listen to good advice on time.