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Full Tilt’s Sunday Break Down


The news on online poker room Full Tilt Poker just seem to keep coming. On Sunday there was chaos on the site as Full Tilt’s server crashed precisely at the day’s heaviest traffic moment.

For a few minutes players were disconnected and the server would not allow anyone to log back in, all running tournaments were cancelled.

It was exactly st 19:45 ET when the site crashed and the popular Sunday tournament, the $750k guaranteed had an early end, and so did all ongoing events on the site.

If you were one of the suffering clients who got their action cut out for no reason, this is how Full Tilt stated they would manage the situation:

  • In freezeouts, all players still in the tournament are refunded their buy-in plus tournament fee; the remaining prize pool is distributed according to chip count.
  • In rebuys, players get their initial buy-in plus tournament fee back (not the rebuys). The remaining prize pool is distributed according to chip count.
  • In tournaments that award non-cash prizes (such as live tournament packages), a cash value is assigned to the prize and the money is distributed in the same way as above.
  • In cash games, the hand in progress at the time of the stoppage is considered dead and all bets are returned.