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Isildur1 Surrenders to Brian Hastings


“Isildur1” has had his hands full recently with all of the big guns online. However, Tuesday night’s session wasn’t with Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan or even Brian Townsend. Brian Hastings joined the flurry of high-stakes action against “Isildur1” and wrapped up a 2,861-hand session with a cool $4.2 million.

The sad thing is that “Isildur1” wasn’t even having a bad day until his encounter with Hastings. Playing against Brian Townsend and “Jungleman12,” “Isildur1” was actually up more than $1 million. He peaked at over $2 million once the match with Hastings began, and then it was all downhill from there. The unknown online action junkie lost more than $3.4 million on Tuesday. Ouch.

Over the past week “Isildur1” is down $2.9 million — which finally brought him into the red after his hot start — and is down a total of $1.59 million, according to It also should be noted that there are some who still believe “Isildur1” is in fact Viktor Blom after released the fact that there are two Bloms in Uddevalla, Sweden. Apparently the Blom that Bluff Europe contacted wasn’t the right Blom.

As for Hastings, many of you might recognize the name as he is one of the educators at Cardrunners, an online poker training site. The 21-year old, yes, 21, is up around $5 million on the year. He was also seen playing the unknown “Martonas” late this summer.