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Isildur1 Suspects Cheating From Hastings and Co.


Perhaps we are a bit behind but we did not want to leave all of you uninformed in a hot topic that has been going around the internet poker forums.

We previously reported that Brian Hastings managed to take an incredible sum of money from new online poker phenomenon Isildur1. However, controversy was born when ESPN published an article implying that Hastings, Cole South and Brian Townsend had cheated to beat Isildur1.

It was suspected that the trio had colluded and shared their hand histories to create a defeating strategy for Isildur1. Full Tilt began an investigation to figure out what was going on but concluded that Hastings and South were innocent and Townsend was removed his red pro status for a month as a warning for datamining.

It is important to know that Full Tilt allows players to discuss strategy in a group manner but sharing data is totally prohibited. After the investigations were closed Full Tilt said ESPN’s article was inaccurate.

To the events, Isildur1 commented “The last session where Hastings won all the money, it just felt like something was wrong, at the time, I just thought it was crazy luck.” Now, the poker pro plans to issue a formal complaint to Full Tilt Poker. No one has been really satisfied with the results of the investigation.