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Marcel Luske Launches Debut Album


Professional poker player from The Netherlands Marcel Luske is known for singing at the tables as a way to measure his opponents. However, we were surprised to realise that he has decide to take his singing to a higher level.

In recent news we found out that Luske is launching his first album ‘More than Just a Game’ before the end of 2009. He stated that the music production will have 13 songs, just like a suit in a deck of cards he explains. He also said he is author to two of the songs and there are also covers by artists he admires.

Not only will Luske launch his debut album but he will promote it with a small concert at the Bellagio on December 20th. The concert will probablu have many poker players attending as it is scheduled for the day after the WPT Soyle Brunson Classic event.

We wish Mr. Luske good luck with his album.