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Viktor Blom Denies Being Isildur1


If you were already excited thinking that you knew the identity of Isildur1 then I have got some bad news for you. Apparently, Viktor Blom gave out an interview to Bluff Europe Magazine and when asked about his possible pseudonym he said “I am not the one you are looking for. Keep searching.”

In the past other professional poker players have been in the list of suspects for being Isildur1. Some of them are
Todd Brunson, Robert Fink and “Martonas” but all of them plead innocent. However, we cannot blame the real Isildur1 for not coming out of the shadows.

Tony G wrote on his blog that he was sure and that he could reveal that it was Viktor Blom, so he must feeling quite silly now. But, do not kill yourself over finding out Isildur1’s identity, instead log into Full Tilt and enjoy watching him take money off the other poker pros.